Buy Best Waste basket, Dustbin for home, office

There are 4 important considerations for buying a waste basket or a dustbin. The First most important part is the Size, The Ideal Height of a Standard Size waste basket is 11 Inches or 28 CMs Tall, to be used in any bedroom, big or small, Study Room or living room. 11 inches height avoids spillage of waste and gives you the comfort of not bending too much while discarding waste. Its obvious that the 11 inch Tall baskets base and opening at the top would be larger than the Small 8 inch tall baskets making them more user friendly. Anything bigger than the 11 inch in the long term would be a misfit in your beautifully done up home. 8 inch tall baskets that is the smaller versions could be useful for kids rooms, make up room or some powder rooms. The Second most important thing is the Shape of the basket, waste baskets or dustbins could be in Square, Cylindrical, Round or Trapezoid Shapes. Choose the one that you like the most. The Third Most important thing is the Color of the Basket, It can be either in contrast or matching your walls, curtains, furniture or any color that you like the most. The Best is to match them with either your walls or furniture because their colors do not change so frequently. The Fourth most important point to be considered is whether you want an open top dustbin or with a lid or cover. The most recommended ones are open-top as they are much more user-friendly and one can throw waste from a distance & does not necessarily need to be very near to the bin to lift the lid and then put waste. But every one has their own need and comfort. The Waste Baskets normally get emptied once every day so an 11 inch tall, open top dustbin is the most recommended and popular one. Paperus specializes in customizing any basket in your choice of Sizes, Shapes and Colors.

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